Make a pot!

When I wanted to ramp things up a little more in the milk making department, I would add 3 tablespoons of tea to a litre of boiling water. Allow to steep for a minimum of 20 minutes (I always left it for longer, like a lot longer). Allow to cool down and consume as a cold drink after every meal as well as having a cup every time you have the chance to get some sleep or before bedtime. It was pretty cool to notice the increased affect depending on how many cups of tea I drank each day. Even that milk making tingle, (do you know the one?) felt stronger when I drank more.

Iced Tea!

These I love! The options are endless too. Heres a list of some of the yummy combos I’ve tried over the years…

Honey, honey, and more honey (side note: While they say babies shouldn’t have honey for the first 12 months, it's ok for BF mums to).

Ginger and honey

Honey and lemon (a classic I know, but tastes just as good cold as it does hot).

Strawberry and lemon

Blackberries and honey

Rasberries and lime

Strawberry and lime

Blueberries and orange 

Strawberry and lemon

If you want to jazz it up a little try using half as much water when steeping the tea and then add soda water once it’s cooled down…

Also, frozen fruits make for great ice blocks too.

Do you have a favourite PG Iced tea recipe? I’d love to share it - send it through our contact page.